A living performance

Monday 27 Jun 2011

Andreescu & Gaivoronski design new landmark for Berzasca

The Visitor Centre is the gateway for the spectacular Iron Gates National Park extending from the banks of the Danube up to the crest of the Banat mountains, in the south-west of Romania. Situated at the confluence of the Danube with the Berzasca river, the Centre enjoys magnificient views of the river banks and of the mountains. The main feature of the Centre is a protruding pier, extending from the linear wooden platform embracing the north bank of the river; atop the pier is the main building – the Open-Air Theatre.

The Theatre has 250 seats inside the shell, extending to 600 seats; it is intended to host the 'Danube Festival' and various other events. The choice of an open-air performance area was ecologically motivated in order to cut energy consumption for environmental control. The Theatre has a double shell structure covered with white TXActive concrete. The outer shell is perforated along the contour lines of an imaginary alphabet, created by the romanian artist Stefan Calarasanu. The double shell captures the vibration of the ever-changing light and the whispers of the wind - transforming the Theatre itself into a living performance.

The Centre is located into a clean-cut glazed area situated beneath the stage of the Theatre and is provided with an information desk, cafeteria, gift shop and ticket counter. The ancillary spaces are situated between the shells; a double flight of stairs is allowing visitors to step atop the outer edge of the theatre enjoying the view. On the north-east corner of the platform, there is a landing spot for the Park’s Cruising Boat; between the landing and the tip of the pier, illuminated panels are displaying photographs, data and maps concerning the park.

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