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sam mansour
Thursday 16 Jun 2011

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Cutting-edge architecture - now enhanced with practical information on sustainable construction.

DETAIL is the publishing house for one of the world's most influential architectural publications. The English edition of the magazine is published six times per year – from 2009 complemented by two additional DETAIL Green issues in May and November. Architectural professionals benefit from stimulating, up-to-date informative material for design and planning. Specially prepared detailed scale drawings, supplemented by text and comprehensive keys, offer a unique opportunity to study the very best in contemporary architecture.

The range of publications includes as well expertly researched and hands-on books like the 'Interiors Construction Manual', 'Work Environments' and 'Sustainable Building Services' to mention but a few.

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DETAIL Green 10/02 – DETAIL Green is the journal for all aspects of sustainable planning and construction. This issue treats topics such as latent thermal storage in buildings, LED’s and energy-efficient lighting and plastics in sustainable construction.

DETAIL Timber Construction 10/06 - Together with computer-supported planning and fabrication, not only efficient structures are created, but also architectural forms of expression that reinterpret the traditional material of wood. The examples vary from an innovative roof construction to a community centre through to garden houses.

DETAIL Facades 10/05 - A bristly sea urchin made of acrylic-glass rods rippling in the wind, a colossal wicker basket of hand-woven mats which have a golden-brown sheen at dusk, an interactive network with blinking LED luminaires or oversized lettering made of bright, pixellated aluminium boards. Like the Expo 2000 in Hanover, the record-breaking Expo in Shanghai is also first and foremost a gigantic spectacle showcasing facades. 

DETAIL Concept: Small-Scale Housing 10/03 - The lead article demonstrates the most important aspects of sustainable housing developments. Following this, numerous examples of family homes, from town houses, terraced housing, courtyard housing, through to city residential housing are documented by type.

DETAIL Concrete Construction 10/02 - The new museum of contemporary art in Herning, Denmark, and the just-completed MAXXI cultural centre in Rome are currently two of the high-profile realisations in concrete. They express different characteristics of the material. Concrete's appearance is also adaptable, ranging from a velvety gloss, via sensual rawness, to a textured skin.

DETAIL Glass Construction 09/05 - Glass is a fascinating building material with diverse, sometimes contrasting qualities: transparent, reflective or frosted, tough yet fragile. In recent decades tremendous advances have been made in glass technology. Bold architectural designs are now using glass to perform load-bearing functions and, thanks to the advent of sophisticated, largely invisible coatings, for climate control.

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