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Juan Pedro Alvarez
Tuesday 07 Jun 2011

Pared back design for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery clinic in El Salvador

Clinica Zaldivar by JP Alvarez is a unique building type in Central America, offering plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation procedures, located in San Salvador, El Salvador. The exterior is kept to a limited material palette, where forms and spaces can be more deeply discovered, allowing for planes to achieve complex spatial effects, where surfaces flow continuously. The design contrasts smooth monotonous walls with a textured rustic perimeter of exposed architectural concrete walls.

As one enters the clinic one is greeted by a water wall where water cascades down beside a reflecting pool. Strategically placed are skylights and vertical wood panels which block patient circulation areas, creating interesting shadows. Working within the existing 600 sq m facility, Clinica Zaldivar offers multiple VIP entries, allowing inconspicuous arrivals, personalised attention, and retreat from the outside world to relax and recover in luxurious accommodations.

The clinic has two state-of the-art operating rooms with recovery areas, two private recovery rooms for overnight stay, a doctor's change room, two consultation rooms where patients are educated about their upcoming procedures through LED touch screen monitors, physician's office, a common waiting area and a private waiting area for patient’s family members, administrative areas, along with staff support areas and a medical spa, where patients can receive different skin treatments and rejuvenation treatments.

Visitors can also experience waiting at the exterior plaza where one is surrounded by tall walls with different textures and a metallic wall that is partially embedded into a cantilevered wall made of exposed architectural concrete. The metallic wall has vertical, staggered perforations where the creation of shadows is cast by the sun’s movements. This detail captures one sense of a tall sculpture of large proportions, also allowing privacy and relaxation, where one can enjoy the reflecting pool and ambient music giving a sensation of freshness and serenity.

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