07 Jun 2011

Located at the fringe of National Park in remote Tasmania, the lighting design essence is preservation of darkness.

Prior to construction this was a camp site and PointOfView's ambition was to impose no more impact on the landscape than the glow of earlier camp fires. Consequently the interior was vigilantly considered from an exterior perspective.

Light is judiciously applied with emphasis on using as little as possible whilst satisfying the expectations of an exclusive resort. The illumination is finely judged to give a seductive welcome, drama, pleasure & minimal waste light.

Conservation was design led; the astute application of light halved the energy typically used in similar places, using LED, cold cathode & halogen sources.

Assimilation of light with the organic architectural form discreetly reveals texture, materials and structure. Sources are fully shielded and generally mounted low, focused at tasks and users. This approach avoids reflections in windows so guests can enjoy the fabulous views to the mountain range beyond.

In the main building the fluid ceiling height ranges 5m to 9m. There are no lighting penetrations to disrupt the elegant shape which is washed with light from lamps rigorously detailed & integrated.

Guest accommodation follows a consistent philosophy. Light ‘leaks' out of architectural features to accent materials, or is delicately applied from custom fittings. Decks are illuminated by bespoke lanterns; the source is heavily shielded and light is dispersed with low impact to the landscape beyond.

Presence detectors are extensively employed to limit waste energy. Exterior guest circulation is lit by tiny 1w fixtures mounted low and at 3m centres, also custom designed glass bollards. Activated by movement and operating in groups of six for 45 second intervals, they provide sufficient light for passage to individual suites, as well as an animated effect. Elsewhere pre-set dimmed lighting scenes are automated.

Client: Federal Hotels & Resorts
Architecture: Robert Morris Nunn/Circa Architecture
Interior Design: Chada Australia
Landscape Design: Inspiring Place
Lighting Design: PointOfView
Building Services: Wood & Grieve Engineers
Artists collaboration: Futago & Diffuse
Photography; David Becker, Peter Wood

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