15 degrees of separation

31 May 2011

Tilted hotel and conference centre by 3XN opens in Copenhagen

Leaning an incredible 15 degrees in opposite directions, the twin towers of the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen’s Ørestad region have become the subject of fervent excitement since its opening on the 16th May. Whilst architectural journalists and PR reps the world over continue to slap the term ‘landmark’ onto any new sculptural construction, this monument is truly deserving of the title.

Rising up on the edge of a commercial precinct, the prongs of the Bella Sky Hotel rise 76.5m into the sky, branching off from one another in a graceful arch so recognisable that Arne Bang Mikkelsen, Director of the Bella Center concludes: “We have decided not to add any signage on the exterior.”

Whilst the sheer volume of the building sets it apart from its local competitors – with 814 hotel units and 30 conference rooms it is currently the largest hotel complex in the Nordic region – design studio 3XN has taken considerable care to fashion the interior on a contemporary and intimate Scandinavian home. Founder and Partner at the firm, Kim Herforth Nielsen explains: “We decided to interpret the overall theme as New Nordic Cool. We looked at how Scandinavians approach the design of their homes, how they live – and then chose the best of our design tradition for the Bella Sky Hotel.”

And the best it was. Furniture designers Hay, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl all play a part in the completed internal space, adding their signature touches under the chosen themes of simplicity, functionality and high quality aesthetics. No synthetic materials have been utilised within the interior spaces. Instead, wool carpets, high thread count cottons, smoked oak wood, and real leather encase original additions to the contemporary space.

This homely feel has been continued in the many conference rooms – a brave move by 3XN. In contrast to the infinite number of conference centres across the continents, the Bella Sky Center has deliberately differentiated itself from its competitors in altering the business space on offer with a more residential feel. Nielsen furthers: “Most international convention hotels have a formal and impersonal style. We wanted to address this by doing the opposite. We designed the interior of Bella Sky in a style reminiscent of a tasteful Scandinavian home with warmth, light and connection to nature.”

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