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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Tel Aviv celebrates Open House Weekend

Last weekend Open House hosted its first ever international congress, inviting over 100 delegates from across the world to come together and generate new connections to spread the concept of the Open House organisation. Held in Tel Aviv, the event was attended by contributors from Barcelona, Dublin, and New York, and coincided with a local Open House Weekend.

Now in its fifth year, Tel Aviv’s Open House Weekend has become a major date in the city’s calendar. Ron Huldai, Mayor of the City noted: “Tel Aviv-Yafo’s blueprint is founded on the belief that proper planning can create a quality of life that not only has physical attributes, but also contributes to strengthening community ties.”

For over twenty years, Open House has sought to establish closer connections between the public and the multitude of architectural beauties on their doorstep, holding events in a number of cities enabling people to enter fascinating and original buildings that would be otherwise out of reach.

Explaining the origins of the organisation, Victoria Thornton, Founder of Open House clarifies: “The intention was to open up London’s exemplary buildings to the general public who don’t otherwise have access. We saw direct experience as one of the key ways of helping the wider community to become more knowledgeable, engage in dialogue and make informed judgments on architecture.”

Visit the Open House website here.

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