Studio Symbiosis makes waves in India

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Ripple-inspired sports city complex becomes a reality with foundation stone now laid

India-based design firm Studio Symbiosis recently celebrated the laying of a foundation stone at the site of their Athletic Ripples project. Attended by President of the Indian National Congress Sonia Gandhi, the ceremony marked the beginning of an ambitious project which will see a varied sports city complex erupt out of the natural landscape.

Whilst the numerous activity spaces are all individually designed in a range of varying forms and styles, each is loosely moulded on the concept of ripples in water. Studio Symbiosis clarifies: “Conceptually these programmatic zones were treated as pebbles dropped in water. It is the inference of the water field, thus creating ripples giving a guideline for the formal design language of the project.”

These different portions of the site may have been designed individually, but they retain a sense of continuity in a single silhouette. Studio Symbiosis wished to connect the facility’s users with the nearby landscape and henceforth softened the edges of the site to blend the exterior boundaries.

A central pedestrian zone forms the spine of the sports city, with vehicular movements kept to an absolute minimum to reduce potential congestion. This pedestrian-focussed linear zone deliberately looks to inspire a closer relationship between visitor and nature, ‘instilling the feeling of being in a green sports complex’.

The roofs of the stadiums are composed of a mix of solar and pneumatic panels, taking advantage of the strong sunlight in order to maintain the required light intensity inside the spaces. Piezoelectricity is also being introduced along paths of heavy foot traffic, harvesting kinetic energy generated by the crowds.

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