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Giulia Moretti
Wednesday 11 May 2011

Allard Architecture tackles long term housing struggle in Havenstraat and Zuidas

A long term development project extending to 2019 calls for 4,500 houses to be constructed in the southern area of Amsterdam. A large building complex on the Havenstraat is planned to consist of the first 500.

The representative for Environmental Planning stated that while all current projects will continue as planned, 100 new urban projects are to be stopped due to the lack of funds at cause of the economic crisis. There is yet a large demand for new houses in various parts of the city, and through extensive consideration, it was decided to give consent to selected development projects.

With primary focus for new construction in Amsterdam South, 2,700 new houses will be developed in the Havenstraat and Zuidas zones. The Havenstraat masterplan is currently the biggest project in this area, with construction due to start in 2014. The plans are yet to be finalised, as the city must reclaim the land from companies which occupy the existing temporary buildings. Allard Architecture was triggered by these plans to develop a dwelling scheme that adapts to the specific qualities of the Havenstraat.

An industrial area and green boulevard are the primary aspects of the site. Currently, there is a defining line between the two, with the historic museum-tram running along the perimeter of the boulevard. Allard Architecture has developed a proposal for a new housing scheme with the design objective to provide a continuation of the boulevard with a green wedge and three dwelling volumes.

The scheme is planned in such a way to allow the museum tram to loop within the buildings and new green zone, thus touching the urban fabric. The design acts as a means to link these aspects of the area, with lines of movement along each volume reaching out towards the heart of Amsterdam.

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