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Monday 09 May 2011

Aedas designs a hospital fit for a king

The brief for the Kingdom Hospital, Riyadh was to deliver a first-class hospital for the people of Riyadh, to deliver a building that communicates design solutions that are innovative, unique and inspirational.

"The modern healthcare environment has changed, people require choice and therefore we need to stand out from the crowd... to offer a first class out-patient hospital for the people of Riyadh and to provide it in an environment that doesn't feel like an institutional facility."

This was the vision of the Kingdom Hospital, to design an 50,000 sq m hospital (and an additional 30,000 sq m MSCP below ground) that predominantly caters for an out-patient and day case workload. To provide a 'Care Concept' that in attending the Kingdom Hospital should be akin to that experienced at a high quality hotel in terms of service, its patients and their families should be treated as honoured guests in the building and the setting does everything humanly possible to make them feel relaxed and cared for.

The architectural concept pushes the boundaries of hospital design with the main aim of challenging what a hospital looks and feels like. With over 30,000 sq m of high quality outpatient ambulatory facilities, Aedas wanted to create a series of pavilions all under one impressive roof structure where all the consultation suites have natural light and a link to landscaping. This was an important element in the creation of the pods that cater for the various clinics required in the brief.

The central boulevard is linked to a clinical core adjacent to the pods house the day theatres, radiology and offices all cited directly to a vertical plantroom that allows for optimum flexibility. Rising from this at the top of the structure is the auditorium, spa and wellness centre which benefits from incredible views across Riyadh with tranquil gardens interlaced with pools and a spa restaurant.

The scheme is sat under one large roof which is interwoven with solar arrays which rotate to track the sun which provide a significant proportion of the buildings energy requirement whilst also providing a shading facility to the building below which are passively cooled. It is the architects' vision that the experience of attending the Kingdom Hospital should inspire. To feel welcome as honoured guests in a building and a setting that does everything humanly possible to make them feel safe, secure and well cared for.

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