Healing power

Friday 06 May 2011

ORMS Architecture Design embraces a vision of the future

ORMS Architecture Design's vision is to be a Centre of Excellence providing world-class levels of total patient care. They aim to heal the whole person - mind, body, spirit and emotion. This bespoke design amplifies the experience of being in an intelligent building which aims to instantly make one feel well with its healing, outreaching ambience touching patients, staff and beyond. The project's costing reflects efficiency in design with best constructional and operating options for future flexibility.

The clinic's dynamic, uplifting energy of positivity and optimism brings hope to patients and staff, making non-chaos out of chaos, enhancing quality of life.  The architects' unique, revolutionary design fully exemplifies their desire to focus on total healing. The concept of an elliptic within a hexagon harnesses ancient wisdom creating space and clarity - aiding the healing process.  Bathed in nature and light, the patient walks around either floor in a clockwise direction following the central ellipse. This paradigm shift to total patient-centred healthcare provides a unique environment where research, education, treatment and prevention come together. 

The LEEMAC Clinic is unprecedented in its coupling of the best of traditional and complementary medicines to treat the whole person. Its innovative complex of buildings set into the landscape is informed by nature's purest forms i.e. hexagon and elliptic circle. The exciting layout and design features support the feeling of health and wellbeing both of patients and staff because the use of natural, pure materials resonates with the cellular structure to promote wellness. 

Granite, slate and timber (durable, natural materials) give high thermal performance for efficiency and ease of maintenance. Sensitively sited within a woodland site in the beautiful Cairngorms National Park amidst the splendour of nature, the LEEMAC Clinic embraces the fundamental vision of Britain 2020 where everyone must take responsibility for their own healthcare and treatment.

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United Kingdom

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