Diamonds are forever

Friday 06 May 2011

Woods Bagot design a highly flexible, state-of-the-art institute with advanced technological facilities and equipment to support the SAHMRI Research Strategy

The new health and medical research facility being built alongside the new Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide's west end will ensure South Australia's strong position in health and medical research for now and into the future. The world class medical research facility will house up to 675 researchers undertaking research that will foster innovation and improvements in health services and lead to improved health outcomes for the whole community.

Derived from its unique site geometry and need to create a forecourt entry adjacent the new hospital to the west, the diamond shape plan grows from the ground plane to become a 'follie' in the park. The sculpture qualities of its form aim to attract interest inspire and promote the buildings function. The lifting of the building acts to liberate the ground plane and create a more open public plaza to encourage public interaction. The transparent facade showcases the 2 atriums inside the building. The west atria expresses the entry and bridge links between the laboratories while the east atria expresses the active workplace environment inside. A plaza landscaped strategy of medicinal gardens aims to provide an education tool to further create interest and encourage public interaction.

The building form is further expressed by its unique triangulated dia-grid facade inspired by the skin of a pine cone. The form and its articulated skin adapt and respond to its environment, becoming a living organism. The facade creates healthier internal environments by increased natural daylight and enhanced external views. It also allows the outside to view the internal workings of the building to help promote the importance of the buildings activity.

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