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Wednesday 06 Apr 2011

A diverse range of urban projects represent the work of this emerging Mumbai-based practice

OPOLIS, an emerging practice from Mumbai, prides itself on its innovative design work. The firm has stayed away from a signature style and believes that the most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest.

Working primarily in an urban context, the duo's ideology is reflected in the open-ended nature of the firm's name.

House on the Ridge (completed 2005) is unique in its siting, material usage, orientation (vis-a-vis the rainfall and sun movement) and more importantly the magic of catching and framing the views around it.

The use of bamboo as an alternative building material is being explored in an attempt to cut the energy consumption in buildings. Their Tan Tien project (currently under prototype development) explores this on a greenfield site, while their Urban Campus project explores the idea of creating a campus in a tight urban situation. It also recognises the importance of public space and living quarters within an institute.

The programme is interpreted into 300 sq ft hostel rooms and 300 sq ft classrooms. These are then stacked and layered in sections, forming two distinct typologies in one urban building - an urban campus.

The House Amidst trees (completed in 2009) is a bungalow that has been woven into an existing mango tree orchard to create an aspirational bungalow for a young couple in the small town of Bhavnagar in the western state of Gujarat.

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