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Wednesday 06 Apr 2011

Two-year-old practice Feilden Fowles are already making waves in the architectural world

Feilden Fowles is a young architectural practice specialising in innovative environmental design from the domestic scale through to educational buildings and masterplanning. Underpinning their approach is a belief in 'research through doing', something they aim to achieve by working in close collaboration with designers and craftspeople and through the presence of an in-house model maker focusing on 1:1 prototypes.

Their approach appears to be resonating with clients and critics alike, with Feilden Fowles being named by the Observer as one of Britain's Brightest Young Architects in January 2011.

Feilden Fowles aim to secure interesting but commercially viable projects with clients who value their sustainable approach to design. Their portfolio and practice is rapidly expanding and currently includes a £1.75m Applied Learning Centre for a large comprehensive school, a gallery refurbishment and a zero-carbon home in the green belt for a paraplegic client.

Each of their projects aims to combine design ambition with the human need to arrive at a simple, functional and uplifting structure. They take inspiration from local vernacular and existing typologies, seeking to reinterpret both in the light of advances in sustainable technologies and construction techniques. They are responsive and adaptive to budget and programme, producing confident and considered proposals delivered with precision and subtlety.

Their first major project, Ty Pren House of Wood, was completed in 2009 while the practice's two founders were still at university. It is a sharp and deceptively simple, long house, drawing on the local Welsh vernacular. Recycled slates wrap over the roof and north wall, while larch ‘solar facades' clad the remaining surfaces. They collaborated with local craftspeople throughout the project, with the timber sourced within two miles of the project and milled on site. The completed building uses just 5.5kg/CO2/m2 each year and was a finalist in the Grand Designs Award for Best Eco-Home.

As a young practice formally founded just two years ago, Feilden Fowles are proud of their reputation for taking projects through to completion. They place great emphasis on the value of practical knowledge as well as theoretical expertise, and believe exceptional architecture is delivered through a thorough understanding of both.

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