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Wednesday 06 Apr 2011

French practice wins masterplan competition for waterfront area larger than Manhattan

NDA Planning, part of NDA Design Associates, an international French-based architectural practice, has won an international urban masterplan competition in Dalian, Northern China with its ‘Dalian Aeropolis, the Balanced City’ concept.

NDA’s Shanghai office won the international competition against key industry players to design Dalian’s New Airport Zone with MVA, its partner for transportation planning. The area covered also includes Dalian’s New Sports City and, with a surface area of 168 sq km, it is one of the largest development sites ever managed by a foreign design team in China.

Located in the North of Dalian, the New Airport Zone is designed to be the most significant development focal point in the region. In fact, with a surface area greater in size than Central Paris or Manhattan and an estimated incoming population of one million, the winning bid looks to leverage Dalian’s existing assets and make the city the most important hub in Northern China. Emmanuel Delarue, NDA’s CEO and Chief Planner, said: “The idea was to design a sustainable model of economic, cultural, and social development. We wanted each part of the city to be varied and distinct, yet still perfectly in tune with each other in order to create a highly livable city.”

NDA’s masterplan concept provides a balanced and sustainable land use by ensuring a dependable water supply for the future with the creation of manmade lakes while simultaneously providing the necessary top soil for the large reclaimed area taken from the sea. The idea was unanimously approved by Dalian’s committee. NDA’s ‘Balanced City’ concept also recognises the importance of integrating Dalian’s existing fishing and agricultural resources with the creation of a natural green sanctuary and the development of local communities in modernised villages.

Dalian’s New Airport Zone will be divided into 8 main areas with different and distinct characteristics, but yet will co-exist and connect harmoniously to create a perfectly balanced city. The new development site comprises of the new airport island, a central business district directly linked with the new high speed train from Dalian to Harbin, a research business park, urban and modern living spaces, along with a variety of green leisure spaces and marine developments along the shore.

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