The Architect trilogy nears conclusion

Monday 04 Apr 2011

WAN gets the inside track on architecture’s mysterious novelist

Word is out that Bancroft’s final book in the Rob Gilbert series, Deadline is heading for publication this winter. His first book, The Architect quickly became WAN’s bestselling book out of over 7,000 titles in the online store, selling in over 20 countries. This record was only to be overtaken by the book’s sequel, Masterplan published earlier this year.

In an exclusive interview with WAN he revealed this week that Deadline will cover a 12 month timeline from 27th July 2011 to the opening of the London Olympics. “The book is a pressure cooker. With each chapter the opening of the Games gets nearer and Rob Gilbert’s hospitality complex gets further behind schedule. It’s a nightmare. No architect should read this book.” At the recent launch of Masterplan, in the Hope pub, Clerkenwell in London (itself featured in Masterplan) one such reader admitted to WAN’s News Editor Sian Disson: “I couldn’t read The Architect, it just gave me nightmares, I couldn’t sleep.” Another architect said that he couldn’t remember being so absorbed in a book, not being known for sitting still for long periods, and that his wife took the opportunity to sketch him.

Bancroft’s cinematic style is now well known for weaving fictional storylines around real places and people. Masterplan uses the rising of Renzo Piano’s Shard of Glass in London as a backdrop throughout the story giving it real contemporary edge.

But who is Charles Bancroft? Speculation is rife in London’s architectural community but his real identity remains a closely guarded secret as does the inspiration for the main character, Rob Gilbert. However Bancroft has raised the prospect of a revelation: “There are clues embedded in all three books, which, when Deadline comes out, should enable most readers to work it out. Or maybe not.”

Bancroft’s books are now available in the flowing formats:

The Architect:
Audiobook: Available 27th May 2011

eBook: Summer 2011
Audiobook: Winter 2011

Deadline: Available winter 2011

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