A real silver lining to the cloud...

31 Mar 2011

miyarq designs a silver cloud to house a LEED Platinum hotel in prime seafront site

miyarq produces highly original work with designs that are not only innovative and visually exciting, but also functional objects inspired by Nature and the appropriation of its ideas and technologies.

miyarq's architecture is born from the needs of people, both material and spiritual, and from a concern with responding adequately to landscape, climate, culture and society. It aims to propose simple solutions derived from sophisticated analyses.

The form of miyarq's buildings evolves in response to critical drivers and morphs as the project is progressively refined, while respecting the knowledge derived from traditional forms of architecture. The balance of thermal mass, orientation, the aspect of internal spaces, the disposition of openings in response to the local conditions are all considered and enhanced with bioclimatic strategies (passive cooling, local generation, natural ventilation, etc.) and further refined with the considered incorporation of building systems technology to the solar architecture concept.

The practice bases its sustainable approach on a 'doing more with less' philosophy, and endeavours to find multiple functions for all the building's elements and systems. It keeps efficiency and flexibility criteria present at all times. The order and the integration of the building´s components allow for the reduction of capital and operational costs, provide the ability to respond to the evolution of demand in the short and long term and improve the economic viability of its operation, as well as the beneficial impact on the local community and its wealth.

miyarq believes that the quality of our environment has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, and with its work aspires to improve the public realm and to lift the spirit.

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