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31 Mar 2011

Multicultural firm receives critical acclaim for its design projects and altruistic endeavours

In 2004, Australian-born architect Andrew Currie established OUT-2 Design in Saigon, Vietnam together with Kate Anderson, a footwear technologist and product commercialisation specialist.

Frustrated by the often reckless re-development witnessed in many Asian (and Western) cities, the couple wanted to create a multicultural firm that could set an example for best-practice design and corporate sustainability in Asia.

OUT-2 Design has made it its mission to demonstrate this through its projects and its own business practices.

"We're motivated by the knowledge that good, responsible design can have a tremendous, positive impact on the wellbeing of people in rapidly developing economies. Unfortunately, however, there are very few controls in place to facilitate good design. We as architects and business people must step-up and ensure that we and our projects serve as role models for responsible, sustainable business. In order to make the biggest impact I believe we need to focus our attention on commercial development wherever possible. If we can effect change there we will go a long way towards creating a better future for generations to come," says Andrew Currie.

The firm has received critical acclaim not only for its architectural and interior design projects, but also for its business and altruistic endeavours.

The company is the first design firm in Asia to receive WWF Green Office Certification; it is a member of the UN Global Compact (a global UN initiative of businesses committed to ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption). OUT-2 Design is also the winner of the ABA ‘Employer of the Year' award and is a founding member of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC).

The body of work that the firm has established reflects the founders' passion for design and their ability to blend their own unique knowledge and skills to create original designs that respectfully challenge cultural and contextual conventions and norms.

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