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31 Mar 2011

Creating a dynamic, unique and sustainable city district poised for growth over the next 50 years

FXFOWLE is an architecture and planning firm involved with a wide range of projects around the world. The common denominator for all their projects is a commitment to design, sustainability, urbanism and technical innovation.

In 2008, FXFOWLE entered an international ideas competition for the Nordhavnen Peninsula in Copenhagen. This 200-hectare waterfront site is currently a cruise ship termi¬nal and container port, which is to be relocated outside the city.

The competition brief called for urban planning and innovative architectural strategies to expand the peninsula to create a dynamic and sustainable city. FXFOWLE entered the competition because they wanted to explore ways to integrate planning and architecture more directly. They found that planning projects benefit from an appreciation of how buildings are built and programmed; and building projects benefit from a broader view of how buildings relate to the city as a whole.

For Copenhagen, FXFOWLE’s vision explored connections to urban infrastructure, extensions to existing waterways and weaving open space through a series of neighbourhoods and commercial nodes. As such, their plan is organised around the following principals: urbanization is structured as fingers extending into the landscape; parks and open space are woven between the fingers; commercial nodes follow public transport; inhabitants live in close proximity to green spaces, waterways, bike lanes and public transit.

Their plan for the Nordhavnen peninsula has been recognised by a number of prestigious international urban design award juries, including World Architecture News, the Chicago Athenaeum, the Boston Society of Architects and MIPIM/Architectural Review. FXFOWLE believe that one can’t divorce sustainability from urbanism. Their City Regenerative project in Nordhavnen has shown them that integrated thinking is not just a process for designing sustainable buildings; it can also create truly sustainable cities.

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