At one with nature

31 Mar 2011

Enota Architects observe nature for insipration

Enota's team of architects focuses on research driven design of the environment where contemporary social organisations, new technologies and arts are interwoven. Enota's solutions are always the result of research, reinterpretation and development of social, organisational and design algorithms that derive from nature and strong binding of the buildings with the environment that surrounds them.

Nature has always inspired Enota. Therefore they have always been keen to investigate it. There believe if you observe nature carefully you can find in it many social, organisational and design patterns which can successfully complement generally established architectural doctrine. In the last few years they often came across designing buildings in the surroundings, where they were largely trying to establish a connection with nature that surrounds them. As they were doing this they have realised that behind what appears very complex in nature, often lays a simple algorithm much like in applicable systematic solutions that architecture is searching for.

Unfortunately on this road of searching and trying to industrialise our systems, Enota claim we have lost some freshness, some playfulness, some ability to appreciate mistakes and deviations, everything that nature seems to be doing so well that we are always overwhelmed by it.

Although Enota constantly speak about connecting with nature it doesn't mean that they have to copy it directly and put themselves in the stage as it was before development of modern technologies. In contrary, it is precisely wide incorporation of modern technologies what enables them to finally bring back uniqueness to products. Enota aren't speaking only about the use of the latest building materials but mainly about using the latest technologies in design process itself. These technologies mostly help them with analysing and processing of input data and also with designing complex system solutions, which gives answer to highest number of input data than possible ever before.

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