Atmosphere and coherence

31 Mar 2011

Spainsh architects share with us a variety of projects


The main building was conceived as a solid mass of concrete, perforated vertically by colourful wells that act as a source of light and relief. These wells are covered by coloured tiles, contrasting with the massive appearance of the concrete, bringing dynamism to the interior course and enhancing the scene. By using this traditional, economical and easy-to-maintain material, Ramón Esteve Estudio gave a powerful and colourful appearance to the High School, both indoor and outdoor.


The building is used for conventions, seminars and banquets supporting up to a thousand people. The organic geometry of the building, developed under a circular grid, generates continuity between spaces, stimulating to flow through them. The intermittent openings create the feeling of a colonnade, connecting the interior with the gardens and erasing the inside-outside limits. The three dimensional structure solves 22 metres length of spam without columns.

 NA XEMENA HOUSE  1997/2001/2003

 This project is based on its physical and cultural surroundings: the light, the stone and vegetation landscape and, in the skyline, the sea and the cliffs against it. The house was proposed to allow a continuous growth based on the original guidelines. The addition of different cubic volumes is settled like a succession of rooms of changeable size. The relationship between the materials, colours, volumes and the constructive elements is natural, not constrained by a rigid geometric design. However, the whole group has been thought following rational and logic concepts in order to reinforce the unity of the design.


This biological research building is a succession of translucent volumes that try not to interfere in the environment. Their skin is continuous, giving unity to the whole. The windows are not appreciated from the outside and the slats wrap the entire perimeter, trying to give an abstract image and strengthen the shape of the building.

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