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31 Mar 2011

Altius Architecture Completes Sustainable Housing Solutions

Altius is a full service architecture and construction management firm, spearheading environmental project initiatives with a mandate to provide exceptional buildings with a focus on sustainability. Altius continues to move towards a complete, holistic and collaborative approach to building. The firm subscribes to a team based process from the commencement of design where architects, engineers, consultants, constructors and clients come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Comprehensive involvement in the construction management process allows Altius to execute a high level of precision, craft and control of all details within each project. Aiming to harmonise architecture with the surrounding landscape, the firm designs its projects for minimal impact on the environment. Architectural form emerges from the existing context of each project, as well as the diverse needs of occupants and future generations to come.

Expanding its expertise to include modular buildings, Altius partnered with Sustain Design Studio and together have been developing the miniHome, a world leader in ecological, self-contained, mobile modular housing solutions. As with all Altius projects the primary focus is on passive heating and cooling strategies, while the active systems provide supplemental energy when the passive measures are pushed to the limit. The miniHome uses 1/10th the water, fuel and materials, and 1/100th the electrical energy when compared with a conventional home, making it a true 'Factor 10' - or net-zero house.

The Cliff House, 360 Winnette and Six Mile Lake Cottage, depicted here, were all completed in 2009. Moving forward with extensive experience, the firm has multiple other projects on the boards and several currently under construction. Altius is dedicated to the creation of innovative projects with a commitment to sustainability, designing modern, functional and flexible spaces while providing the highest degree of client service.

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