Louis Becker awarded Eckersberg Medal

31 Mar 2011

Henning Larsen architect recognised for his contribution to the artistic community

Today, architect Louis Becker, Partner and Director at Henning Larsen Archiects, will receive the Eckersberg Medal. The Medal is awarded by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and is presented in connection with the Academy Commemoration. The Eckersberg Medal is awarded to individuals ‘who have made an extraordinary contribution of high artistic quality in free or bound art’. The Medal has previously been awarded to Henning Larsen (1965) and Troels Troelsen (2008) from Henning Larsen Architects.

An extract from the citation reads: ”Louis Becker has set himself the goal of putting Danish architecture on the world map by taking a conceptual approach to architecture on a large scale. Becker creates architecture that goes far beyond aesthetics – ideas are developed and the Scandinavian approach to architecture is incorporated in an open dialogue where more value is generated than questions asked. In his work for Henning Larsen Architects, Becker has demonstrated exceptional commitment to designing and building cities where it makes the biggest difference – where it influences a model of society, and where the solution lies in architecture.”

Becker graduated as an architect from Aarhus School of Architecture in 1989. He was employed at Henning Larsen Architects in 1989 and was appointed Director in 2005 with responsibility for the international market. Louis Becker has been the driving force behind a number of Danish and international projects. In February 2011, he was elected to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

”Receiving the Eckersberg Medal is a great honour. Not least because the Medal is awarded by my colleagues in the Academic Council”, says Becker. “The field of architecture is rapidly developing in present years, and Danish architecture will not be able to keep up without inspiration from and interaction with the places in the world where developments are taking place. As artists, we should focus much more on looking out into the world for inspiration. We can learn a lot from the world surrounding us, and knowledge and inspiration will be brought to Denmark if we play an active role on the international stage.”

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