ONG&ONG's 360º Solution

31 Mar 2011

Embracing the entire construction process as a singular integrated solution

Singapore's Quincy Hotel was the first project to fully demonstrate the success of ONG&ONG's 360º solution. The Quincy project allowed ONG&ONG to undertake the architectural, interior, landscape and even branding design.

The façade of the building is divided into a grid of four-metre long window panels each representing a room, which were subdivided further into three sections. Depending on the permutation, windows could either span across all three parts or have two-thirds act as a window with the remaining one-third as a bay-window seat. From the exterior, the façade appears to be made up of stacked cubes, each cube representing a room, and this makes for a rhythmic yet seemingly random and natural design.

The interior design was largely inspired by the fashion trend of perceived simplicity with unexpected detail. Meanwhile, horizontal strips applied in the similar one-third/two-third pattern echo the window design and give each room's headboard a strong visual impact.

The landscape design consists of a fore court, middle court and inner court - all connected by a thoroughfare. The one-third/two-third pattern is carried through in the garden fronting the entrance, with variations in grass types resulting in a mosaic lawn.

The graphic design and logo for Quincy were customised to incorporate all the design elements created within the building's architecture and interior. The logo is a stylised interpretation of the façade and its pattern is repeated on the walls of the hotel lobby, lifts and guest rooms.

The ONG&ONG group's three-pronged 360º solution comprises of 360º Design, Engineering and Management. 360º Design includes urban planning, architecture, landscape, interiors, environmental branding and graphics. Rankine & Hill and SCE include 360º Engineering and deal with civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering. The project management arm, Project Innovations, forms 360º Management, providing development, and construction and place management.

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