Architecture to make the human spirit soar

31 Mar 2011

Giving value to architecture through a philosophy of “Human Sustainability”

Central to Andrew's work in dense urban centres of Asia, is an underlying philosophy valuing "Human Sustainability" as vital to the success of a project and important as an extension of the public realm. Andrew, International Design Director for Aedas, aspires towards "Human Enrichment" recognising it as fundamental to the viability of the project and its influence with its surroundings. Buildings must do more than accommodate performance criteria. They must encourage the human spirit to soar. The innate value of these "civic" qualities has been largely pursued in public projects. Increasingly, clients in the private sector also recognize the importance these values bring to the commercial viability of their pursuits alongside efficiencies and budgets. In this aspiration, softening divisions between public and private domain helps the buildings become more inviting.

Andrew's architecture extends and enhances the public realm from the pavements of our cities and increases the commercial viability with increased frontage, patrons and vibrancy.West Kowloon Terminus (opening in 2015), pursued a higher efficiency normally achieved in train stations. This affords a large volume down to the departure hall, allowing for an immediate awareness that this below-ground station is in Hong Kong. The public domain is visually tied to the large volume inside and flows over the roof to its crest 25 metres over street level. This 24 hr publicly accessible vista is highly vegetated and equivalent to 15% of Hong Kong's current green space.

Civic, Cultural & Retail Centre (opening in 2012), explored how to increase the vibrancy between the 5000 person commercial theatre with the independent retail component. An enlarged semi-public space allows the retail to capture the audience of the venue and the theatre to enrich its operations through the pre/post-function entertainment components. Visitor's experience culminates 55 meters above ground in a 24hr accessible, 400 metre walking track, carved into the exterior of the theatre shell.

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