Reinvention and Regeneration

30 Mar 2011

Revolutionising architecture through ethical and innovative design

Silvester Fuller is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary architectural design studio with a global partner network. After spending nine years in project leadership and design roles with international architecture studios Herzog & de Meuron (Switzerland), Foster + Partners (UK) and Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Italy), Jad Silvester and Penny Fuller returned to Australia in 2008, establishing a holistic studio that draws on their international experience, functional, progressive, and sustainable approach to design.

The Silvester Fuller team draws on experience from a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds including architecture, product design, fabrication, landscape design, town planning, photography, branding, and business consulting, and employs strategic and design-based thinking as the platform for defining and creating positive change. The practice is based on their belief in sustainable design, which revolves around three core principles: economic, social and environment. They believe that the essence of sustainable architecture is creating buildings that are both inherently functional and timelessly appealing - they should be beautiful yet purposeful, unique yet accessible, intriguing yet practical.

The Silvester Fuller team consider their core role to be assisting in the reinvention and regeneration of entire communities through the creation of remarkable projects. This commitment to sustainable design is perfectly reflected in the solution they created for Boston University's ‘Students Abroad' program in Sydney. The project required the development of accommodation for 165 students on a site with a massing envelope previously approved for 125 students. To cater for the 30% increase in planning efficiency, the team designed a solution that involved carving out segments from the maximum allowable building mass, which increased the façade surface and augmented natural light and ventilation to the interior. They then implemented an efficient modular apartment layout, with sleeping spaces and living areas positioned to maximise the varying qualities of each façade. A communal rooftop terrace and garden complement the individual living and sleeping spaces below and provide the perfect environment for the entire student and staff community to relax and socialise.

The architects are also deeply involved in strategy and brand process, and understand the increasing influence that branding plays in the creation of both individual buildings and the communities that surround them. To address this new direction in architecture, they have secured the services of an expert brand and business strategist, who is actively involved in all Silvester Fuller projects. This partnership brings a dynamic new edge to their projects, as was demonstrated with the recent Red Bull Hub concept project, which dissolved the boundaries between architecture and advertising. Traditionally, event pavilions combine a standard construction adorned with logo-specific sticker-like devices - the overall result is a generic structure that fails to offer an effective point of difference for businesses competing for attention in the event arena. The Silvester Fuller  solution was a fusion of structure and branding, which enabled them to create a framework for the development of a range of branded installations, which can vary in scale, mobility and functionality. At Silvester Fuller, they are committed to revolutionising architecture through ethical and innovative design by constantly questioning and improving their approach and processes.

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