Re-shaping the box

30 Mar 2011

Studio RHE showcases designs for new London eco-tower, caribbean development and hi-tech London penthouse

Whatever happened to independent thinking? New ideas? Designing something unique? Can’t a building be more than a uniform box? Studio RHE was formed from the desire to do something different. And it worked. Today they have over 15 major design awards to their name and have delivered over 50 architectural projects around the world.

SilverTree, London incorporates the latest thinking in environmental design to greatly reduce the building’s carbon footprint. A distinct façade of curved aluminum bands provide solar and wind protection while also accommodating a vast array of photovoltaic panels producing electricity for the buildings use.

Further renewable energy is provided by ground source heat pumps built into the foundations and a central biomass energy centre. High levels of insulation, closable winter gardens and the careful placing of windows and thermal shutters provide improved thermal efficiency. It has recently received planning and approval from GLA.

The Penthouse, London is the coolest penthouse in Notting Hill with a double curvature, moving glass rooftop penthouse over two existing mansion blocks. The construction consists of a lightweight steel frame incorporating visible laser-cut curved stainless steel columns to the perimeter. Custom-made, curved double glazed units provide a frameless envelope.

Several panels are hydraulically activated to provide full height ‘gull-wing’ openings. The linking bridge is formed entirely from structural glass. The internal fittings include a moulded GRP coving providing hidden light fixtures and a new stair formed from reclaimed railway sleepers and hidden LED strips. The 750 sq m penthouse utilises the latest technology to create an unparalleled space for modern living.

Their Prickly Bay Waterside, Grenada project was Caribbean winner of the prestigious Americas Property Awards 2009 for Best Development and Best Architecture. High-tech marine architecture has inspired the cool, white water’s-edge luxury throughout their design. On the warm, untouched island of Grenada, these homes are in a class of their own. With a breathtaking oceanfront location and a world-class anchorage, it is little wonder that Prickly Bay Waterside was previously named 'Best International Development in The World.'

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