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30 Mar 2011

ARKITEMA designs new local hospital in Norway with 'fingers'

The New Narvik Hospital is placed on a sloping near the city of Narvik in Norway. The architectural scheme of the building is based on a backbone structure, which ties together three buildings that extend like spread 'fingers' throughout the sloping landscape. The shape of the building ensures a healing environment for the patients with a beautiful view overlooking the hilly Norwegian landscape and the fjord nearby. The hospital is placed thoughtfully on the site. By taking advantage of the natural slope of the site, the building interacts and merges with the landscape.

The fingers gradually increase in height towards the backbone, culminating in an entrance plaza, located to the south of the building. The fingers are joined together by smaller sections, which benefit from the light in the courtyards and contribute to the overall compactness of the hospital. Between the fingers and the connecting buildings there are courtyards, which secure daylight to the interior on each floor of the building. The fingers, the backbone and smaller connecting buildings, each has their own architectural expression giving the hospital hierarchy and aesthetic variation.

The building is designed as a compact hospital with a clear organisation of the functions. The programme integrates somatic, psychiatric and interdisciplinary rehabilitation functions. The psychiatry is located on the ground floor with easy access to the landscape and courtyards. On the next level, in relation to the main entrance plaza, the more public functions are located, with canteen, somatic outpatients and a big stair leading to the next two floors, where the radiolology and OP-theatres are located. At the top level of the hospital the inn patient beds wards, the hotel and the maternity ward are located, undisturbed and with a view overlooking the whole area of Furomoen. The total size of the hospital is approximately 25,000 sq m.

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