Bamboo Forest House

30 Mar 2011

Bamboo replaces traditional metal privacy screen for Taiwan house design

ROEWU architecture, based in London, UK have recently completed a holiday home for an extended family in eastern Taiwan.

Located in a dense urban area and confined on two sides by blank walls, the house must gain all its light and air from the street while maintaining privacy within.

It was also essential to maintain security while windows are left open for natural ventilation. The narrow and elongated plot was addressed by placing a series of solid volumes along the length of the site, allowing void spaces in between to create continuity for light and air.

A bamboo screen wraps around the house, creating a buffer between the street and the private life within. On entering the house the experience is akin to being surrounded by an organic forest. Sunlight, air and shadows filter through the bamboo poles into the spaces within.

The mood and quality of the spaces change during the course of a day and shift with the changing seasons. In winter, a Karaoke Lounge and Spa on the second floor form a focal point for bathing or singing. During summer, the roof deck with its variably patterned sun-shade system and surrounding bamboo, invites cooling breezes and becomes the family's favourite spot for outdoor living.

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