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30 Mar 2011

Young practice present their Ferreries Cultural Centre and Apse Square interventions

ARQUITECTURIA is a young, Girona-based architecture and urban design office established by Josep Camps and Olga Felip in 2006. They have worked on cultural, educational, sanitary and residential projects for both public and private sectors. The studio members have studied in different European universities and are still involved with these and other research and innovation programmes.

Their Ferreries Cultural Centre project consists of the rehabilitation of the old market building and its square to create a new Cultural Centre. The old nave of the market is preserved, and through its extention a new transition space is generated and links the old building with the square. A dialogue is established between the two: the white interior of the nave, with its homogeneous light and its acoustics muffled by wood strips, and the imposing new volume, clad in a dark ribbed skin which accentuates its shadows.

Together they form a hybrid structure that connects, anchors and defines the Joan Monclús square. It becomes a point of reference for the whole city and an important tool for urban quality.

ARQUITECTURIA's Apse Square intervention involves the recovery of the public space around the apse of the Cathedral in Tortosa, Spain, in order to preserve it and regenerate its environment. The current use of the square as a car park is removed and restored for the people. The pavement is lowered to the original base level of the Cathedral so that it sits on the square and becomes its protagonist, representing an important collective historical heritage of Tortosa. The square is furnished with a folded pavement that creates spaces to sit, rest and contemplate the monument, and also provides the possibility of recieving popular events such as processions, outdoor concerts and art exhibitions, amongst others.

Both projects have an important social and urban intention which coincides with the architects' preoccupation with historical heritage and its role in the city.

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