The process of flowing in

29 Mar 2011

Influx_Studio highlight their 'sparkling' contribution to 21st century design

Influx_Studio is a young architectural practice based in Paris since 2008. Their work focuses on a wide range of fields, from architecture to landscape, urbanism to industrial design, embracing innovative hybrid strategies developed from new, complex cultural conditions and merging different scales of the human environment.

With particular attention to sustainable matters, this international practice operates as a cooperative multidisciplinary conception hub linking local and global levels. Therefore, their work feeds from different cultural influences and is addressed to a new, wider, trans-cultural society. Their projects witness their professional approach, which is deeply inspired by the Latin term 'influx' or 'the process of flowing in'. Their work is actually essentially focused on international competitions as an exceptional way to ensure the free influx of ideas, and to allow the surfacing of a new kind of designed reality.

Cleve(r)land is the winning proposal for the Cleveland Lakefront Station: Ideas for a 21st-Century Multi-Modal Transportation Facility, which illustrates a permanent strategy used by the team: to create urban value in a sustainable manner, while linking fractured urban fabrics. The Vortex, submitted to the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center competition in Taiwan, embodies Kaohsiung’s life energy into an architectural Vortex: a wavy ribbon roof extends in all directions along the waterfront coming out from 'the Eye', the main performance venue, covering the cultural and retail spaces with an iconic horizontal landmark.

Recently selected as one of the 'Top four tower concepts' by RICS magazine Modus, the Vertical Safari seeks to redefine the zoo experience in Buenos Aires. The project introduces a new urban function by adding an unexpected bonus to its vertical condition: an observation wheel which creates an exciting city sightseeing safari over Buenos Aires’ skyline. Boston’s TREEPODS INITIATIVE seeks to apply available CO2-scrubbing technology to create Biomimicry, an artificial tree to help the de-carbonization process. Influx_Studio is actually developing technical studies to build, in collaboration with Shiftboston, the first Treepod prototype in the Boston Innovation District.

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