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29 Mar 2011

John Ronan Architects seeks to pose questions rather than offer solutions

John Ronan Architects brings an exploratory attitude to the investigation of materiality and space in projects ranging from houses to large institutional buildings, and seeks to synthesize the complex realities of each project into conceptually clear, architectonic encodings, to create meaningful experience.

Their work is about relationships, not form, and is designed from the inside out.

It seeks to pose a question rather than offer a solution.

It is about communication, not self-expression.

It seeks to occupy the edge between the special and the ordinary; it seeks to be mysterious yet real and accessible.

It seeks to engage each project's social, cultural and historical context, and expose things about the situation in which it finds itself.

It explores a critical dialogue between building and site/landscape.

It pursues a methodology that is both top down and bottom up, informed by site and program but driven by material investigation.

It is concerned with how things change over time: materials, programs, and context.

It is concerned with programmatic approaches to sustainability.

It employs everything from the most traditional techniques to the most advanced technology.

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United States

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