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29 Mar 2011

Tel Aviv-based design studio completes multiple local school projects

Jack Levi Architects is a boutique office based in Tel Aviv since 1982. Throughout these years the practice has been responsible for designing and executing an array of projects, which vary in scale and character from detailed private houses, apartments and offices to large-scale public projects such as schools, synagogues and kindergartens.

With the experience acquired over the years the practice has developed a unique working method which serves to address complex architectural issues while meeting the requirements of all parties involved in the process. The practice has presented two examples of neighbourhood school projects which they note ‘support student achievement and serve as centres of community activity’. Maaleh Special Education School in Yad Eliyahu was a preservation and extension project in Tel Aviv, where Jack Levi Architects employed the use of vivid colour and central daylighting to attract students and teachers to mix during free time.

Tichon Irony 9 High School Complex, also in Tel Aviv, is a completely new-build school with rooms of various sizes and functions. The building's design is in-keeping with the belief that a school environment in which students learn and spend a great deal of time should influence their behavior and provide them with pleasant memories. The building uses three main finishes: coloured plaster, aluminium cladding and exposed concrete. The interior also reveals the rich use of colour and the variety of applications.

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