Making history

29 Mar 2011

MADe present their design for the Museum of Prehistory

Considering the context of studio pencil points' work, determining the programme is as important as economic sustainability. Their work seeks to be grounded in aesthetics that strive for clarity of expression, stripped of superfluous excesses. Their emphasis has always been on designs that develop based on multiple intrinsic factors, rather than a singular overarching guide such as a programme or aesthetic quality. studio pencil points have always recognized observing and making as instrumental: each project establishes a link between the tools of the mind, eyes and hands and the processes of drawing, modeling and construction as generators of ideas. Each project, though dealt with uniquely, encompasses themes that define the behaviour of space and its perception by users.

Located very close to an archeological dig, the site for this project is a large basalt deposit, and the museum is designed from the bottom up. Navigation through the museum is key: visitors experience changing volume and light patterns as they climb upwards, ultimately seeing a panorama of a barren yet potent spread of landscape at the summit. Ceremonial navigation through space is a recurring theme in many projects, perhaps because it emulates the designer’s journey from conception to realization. The process of design is repeated in the progression throughout the built space.

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