Inhabited dam

25 Mar 2011

St-Val Architect's inhabited dam project preempts the future of Brazilian architecture

St-Val Architect's inhabited dam project is a utopian concept of marrying a city with a dam, which has until now existed only as a hydraulic complex.

The site is the future Belo Monte dam on the Rio Xingu in Brazil, which is indicative of the inevitable problematics to come. Indeed, it is known that this type of building’s construction affects the environment and that these enormous edifices are frequently unappreciated, especially by the local populations that will be moved. Nevertheless, it seems difficult not to take into account the country’s appetite for energy that is exponentially developing.

This is made particularly evident by the fact that it will host simultaneously the Olympics and the Football World Cup; events that will drive to create gigantic infrastructures and development plans in the entire country, but also on the scale of South America as a whole.

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