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25 Mar 2011

Three key projects exemplify Studio Shift's progressive design

Studio Shift approach each project with the belief that architecture has the ability to enhance individual and collective experience and quality of life. They have committed their practice to finding progressive methods and strategies for creating expressive and inventive spaces that effectively serve their clients' needs.

As is evident in their work samples, the solution to each design problem originates with the client's programme and the specificities of site. They begin without preconceived notions of form and rather allow it to evolve through a process of design where sustainability is considered inherent in good architecture.

In Studio Shift's honourable mention-winning project for the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, the client desired a building that provided a truly public experience while simultaneously satisfying the needs of a world-class research facility. After thorough analysis of environmental conditions and building requirements, Studio Shift developed the form of the building to accommodate a variety of public experiences while taking advantage of opportunities to develop energy production and conservation systems alongside innovative programmatic arrangements.

In meeting the strict government construction budget requirements, the project illustrates the potential for innovative architecture that redefines the current model of a research facility. The project won an honourable mention award in the 2nd stage of a Taiwan Government sponsored design competition and is not planned for construction.

Two additional projects illustrate the architects' strategy for creating architecture and public space that seeks to create a memorable urban and architectural experience through form, space and material invention. Their tower for the Miyi Cultural Center is one component in their masterplan for the region, where the building is an active participant in the cleansing of the polluted Anning River. Their South Lake Retail Center project finds inspiration in the local materials and massing of its mountainous site. Both projects have been put on hold indefinitely.

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