A Quiet Journey through North Japan

24 Mar 2011

CZWG Architect Christina Lanz-Azcarate creates book for Japanese tsunami cause

Cristina Lanz-Azcarate, an architectural assistant at CZWG Architects has produced a beautiful photography book of North Japan before the recent devastation. All proceeds are going straight to assist in the worst affected areas of Japan.

In 2006 Cristina married her Japanese husband and begun a personal relationship with Japan. The cultural similarities between her homeland, the Basque Country, and Japan helped create a strong bond. She returned to Japan for her father-in-law’s 77th birthday in the autumn of 2010 and whilst out there she decided to extend her trip and investigate the north of the country. She explains:

"In this journey we visited wonderful places such as Sakata, Sendai, Matsushima and Shiogama. Travelling through those landscapes specked with the red of maple trees left beautiful memories in our hearts and many photographs in our cameras.

This is a book aimed at building a new picture to replace the images of devastation that everyone now identifies with the wonderful part of the world that is North Japan.

I want to achieve this by placing new memories in as many minds as I possibly can reach. Memories brought back from a journey to Japan during last Autumn which I will be happy to share through this book."

To preview the book that is available to purchase click here.

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