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24 Mar 2011

Local architect redevelops stunning resort in St Lucia with 42 luxury properties

Designed by world-renowned Caribbean architect Lane Pettigrew Associates, ‘The Residences’ at Sugar Beach is a collection of 42 exclusive properties with views of the Caribbean Sea and the magnificent Val des Pitons.

The firm has transformed the breathtakingly beautiful area between the two towering Pitons into the stylistically rich architectural landscape that it is today.

A colonial Plantation House at the heart of the Estate is home to the main hotel facilities (reception, Fine Dining Restaurant, Cane Bar and Late Night Bar) with hotel accommodations provided in individual villas, complete with gingerbread fretwork, which are scattered in clusters throughout the resort grounds.

Every residence will have its own private swimming pool with beautiful natural stone deck. Some will be combined with whitewashed greenheart timber deck, dependent on the setting. The living and dining areas will open out onto spacious terraces, and some of the bedrooms will have private balconies. Purchasers have a choice of between two and six bedroom properties with prices ranging from $2.4m to $9m.

The scale, organisation of space, and building materials used at Sugar Beach are in tune with local architectural traditions, taking inspiration from the island’s French and English colonial history. Each of the meticulously appointed Residences is designed in a complementary Caribbean colonial style.

350 local workmen have been contracted for the building of the development with traditional building techniques employed where possible. These include hand chipping indigenous stone for foundations and cladding, and all woods used for timber frame construction are from certified reforestation programmes.

Strict eco-design rules are applied at every stage of construction to make sure the unique ecosystem of the site is preserved and protected. The properties are being rebuilt using the existing Jalousie cottage foundations to limit disruption to the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. Currently known as the Jalousie Plantation, the resort is due to open in December 2011.

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