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23 Mar 2011

Step forward for green residential building in GTA as preparations get underway for construction of Ironstone Condominiums

A new condominium project in Burlington is taking the lead on sustainable building in Ontario, as one of the first residential buildings in the Greater Toronto Area to be equipped with geothermal technology. With the 'big dig' beginning in Spring 2011 Ironstone Condominiums by Davies Smith Developments, will not only help transform uptown Burlington's emerging core but this project will also be a huge step towards zero footprint residential building in Ontario.

Located in Burlington’s developing uptown core, Ironstone is designed to integrate green technology with sophisticated condo amenities to exude a downtown feeling despite suburban surroundings. The condo will feature street level retail space, mixture of lofts and suites, and a spacious landscaped rooftop terrace that includes cabanas, lounge pads, a built-in outdoor barbecue, fireplace and a hot tub.

Aside from aspiring amenities, the most groundbreaking feature of the 16 storey condo is the geothermal technology that will be used to heat and cool the building. This natural energy system eliminates the need for natural gas heating, thus eliminating the release of harmful emissions that pollute the air. “Just by moving in, purchasers reduce their carbon footprint,” says Ironstone architect Roland Rom Colthoff of RAWdesign. Not only does the geothermal heating and cooling system cut a building’s energy use by 60-70%, a geothermal building also lowers monthly energy costs for residents by at least 10%.

The geothermal system consists of a network of pipes planted 15m deep into the ground where the earth’s temperature remains at a constant 10°C all year round. No matter what season, water circulates through the pipes to heat or cool the building as needed. To help maximise energy efficiency, each suite is equipped with individual thermostats and geothermal heat pumps to provide personalised climate control.

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