'Go green' is plea to Dubai hotels

Tuesday 22 Mar 2011

Hotels in Dubai could save $27m each year by upping sustainability measures

Dubai has now firmly secured its position as a tourist hotspot and global base for business development and conferencing. Regularly pushing the boundaries of contemporary architecture the hotel market in Dubai is booming, however a recent survey conducted by UAE-based sustainability specialist consultant Farnek Avireal has suggested that the hotel industry in the region could cut its utility bills by 20% if it fell in line with environmentally friendly initiatives such as the Green Globe Certification.

Frederique Maurell, Exhibition Director of the upcoming Hotel Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre explains: “The research has indicated that the annual utility costs for the 67 five-star hotels in Dubai are around $134m. If each hotel averaged 200 rooms, reduced energy consumption could save around $5.50 per room-night, per hotel, or $27m collectively, not to mention 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions that would be saved.”

Maurell’s argument is further supplemented by a study conducted by Travel Weekly, which found that 50% of prospective hotel guests would be prepared to pay 10% more to stay in sustainable hotels, while 66% expressed ‘serious doubts’ about environmental claims on hotel websites. The Exhibition Director continues: “The environmental dimension is part of the strategic vision of the best run organisations, and the hotel sector is no different. The environment is now a business issue and because of increasingly demand, sustainable hotels need to differentiate themselves from the ‘unenlightened’.”

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