Form amid the trees

Carla Brancaccio
17 Mar 2011

Society of authors and composers build 'the cradle of mexican music' in Pueblo de Xoco

Inspired in the movement of a conducting baton, the building design is composed of 5 concrete roofs moving up and down in harmony to give shape, space and light to the project. Each roof represents the lines of a pentagram, always straight, constant and parallel.

Broissin Architects are looking forward to creating a project that lives for the trees as the trees will live as a part of it, and express that they 'cannot think about a dark and traditional hall when the project is being developed in such a beautiful forest located in Coyoacán, Mexico, a unique place that has to be exploited in a good sense'.

The 8,000 sq m volume opens and closes as tree branches with the wind, letting the sun rays pass through, creating a 'fantasy parade' in the middle of the shadow´s mystery. The design studio wants the visitors to discover the project through each step they make, the natural and artificial.

They envision the visitors walking around the space with their minds clear, looking, watching, feeling how the hall is more than just concrete and steel; walking through is an invitation to the reflection and harmony, is an invitation to discover the world of music.

The building was 'born to be the cradle of the new Mexican music', it's shape turns into the angles of the acoustic. It's form is designed to reflect the sound traveling through the wind, going around each space, each seat, each corner, giving shape to every dream, to every song, giving shape to The Roberto Cantoral Music Hall.

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