Performance driven design

09 Mar 2011

Clean cut Performing Arts Center for San Francisco State University

Michael Maltzan Architecture has designed a new Performing Arts Center for San Francisco State University with an expressive form which attempts to ‘capture the inventive spirit that characterises the University’s College of Creative Arts’.

The 242,150 sq ft complex is comprised of a low-rise horizontal base, punctuated by multiple performance spaces which rise above. This undulating silhouette will anchor the southwestern edge of the San Francisco State University campus, its stark white form dotted with transparent panels that provide a glimpse of the creative activities inside.

Dean of the College of Creative Arts, Kurt Daw clarified: “If we want to have a facility that will serve the next 50 years it needs to be as far-reaching and advanced thinking as the building we currently occupy was 50 years ago. We want to be the technical innovators that we always have been. And this building is going to open doors to the next five decades in the way that the current building moved us to the forefront.”

Constructed over three phases, the expansion project comprises: a 1,200-seat Theatre; 350-seat Music Recital Hall; 450-seat Little Theatre; 250-seat Black Box Theatre; 60-seat Brown Bag Theatre; a state of the art broadcast facilities. The complete building is aiming for LEED Gold standard, with natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting and daylighting in non-performance spaces.

Funded by a mix of public and private investment, the Mashouf Performing Arts Center looks to enhance interaction between theatregoers, performers, students and faculty. Michael Maltzan commented: “This building is meant to be a gateway, both physically and culturally. The exciting challenge is to create a building that expresses the spirit of creativity in this special context – strong and dynamic, with an optimistic view to the future.”


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