You can't beat a classic...

08 Mar 2011

AllesWirdGut takes inspiration from classic style for refreshing residence in Vienna

Located on a site sloping steeply in North-South direction at the fringe of the Vienna Woods sits AllesWirdGut’s most recent venture - a compact single-family house entitled ‘LOU’. The strong first impression is reinforced by the matte black skin of the building.

Inside, however, it offers its occupants a spacious and varied living environment on seven staggered half-story levels, at each level, opening differently to the outside world. AllesWirdGut is confident that its latest single-family property ‘will keep residents on the move and make sure that this ‘Little Black Dress’ will still suit them fine in the future…’

A hillside cut and a court below grade provide for natural lighting of the access area and multi-purpose room. The basement becomes a full-blown living area. Above it, the main residential levels are nestled against the slope, separated from the garden only by an all around-strip of windows which allows looking and stepping out in every direction.

In the centre of the living area, there is a core of unclad raw reinforced concrete with the kitchen and hearth. It supports and provides discreet access to the private retreat spaces that form the roof area.

Here, the parent and children’s bedrooms are situated at separate levels, each with a loggia that affords absolute privacy. The roof area is crowned by the bathroom and sauna level with a terrace offering a panoramic view of the surrounding Vienna Woods.

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