An exploration of space

Heriberto Soria | Gonzalo Anaya
08 Mar 2011

S|A Architectural Partnership transforms the basic concept of a private house

Starting from the simple yet functional scheme of an 'H' form, S|A Architectural Partnership developed a project where two blocks containing both serving and served spaces merge into a set of fluid living spaces which embrace and interact with a patio located at the core of this contemporary residence.

The challenge of this project motivated the firm to perform a different type of approach and analysis of the functions, forms, views and interactions required by the users of this house.

By strictly following the premises of design: continuity, fluidity, dialog and lightness; S|A transformed and mutated the forms and basics of the program into conceived spaces where materials, light, structure, form and function interact all by themselves resulting into challenging and sophisticated spaces.

Fluidity is achieved through linear planes which apparently connect at their points of origin and are elements of the main structure: floors, walls and ceilings. The extensive use of glass and suspended elements create the feeling of lightness taking rigidity out of the basic forms resulting in a simpler interaction between spaces, functions and materials.

The SS House is the result of many steps taken after a series of trials and theories about transformation and evolution of forms, integration of new design principles thus becoming S|A Architectural Partnership’s response to how a contemporary house in the 21st should be.

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