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07 Mar 2011

Innovative architectural firm explores the potential of technological advances

EASTON+COMBS is an award-winning, internationally recognized architectural office that operates as a laboratory for innovative building strategies at the intersection of material practice and applied architectural research. EASTON+COMBS approaches the production of architecture as a context for the exploration of environments and the development of new spatial typologies towards critical models of social and cultural production at the scale of architecture and urbanism.

Innovation and project-based research is pursued in tandem with the development of responsible architectural approaches. Resistances of economy, issues of intelligent sustainability and the evolution of architecture's role in society are viewed as the productive challenges that allow for the convergence of architectural research and experimentation into a range of concrete building program types and spatial typologies.

The work featured here includes a recently advanced body of research into lightweight sustainable structural membranes for public space intervention. The range of experimentation and exploration develops specific strategies of architectural skins with programatic and performance-driven properties. The folded plate skin proposal elevates a strategy of skin and shell structural performance with the attributes of material transparency effects that can partition space with new experimentally-driven methods.

The final project engages aspects of this experimental research into public program typologies, in this case a museum, where the interior conditions of the wall are entirely removed and organization is generated organically through clusters of structural and spatially dynamic light chambers that course throughout the public zones of the museum.

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