Geometric expression in Mexico

04 Mar 2011

RACO develops slender commercial building for local bank in Guadalajara

Located on Montevideo, one of the greenest avenues in the city of Guadalajara, this 14,000 sq m building by design firm RACO is orientated to the north, with 26 levels comprised of 46 housing units ranging between 130 sq m and 540 sq m that develop in size as the height of the building increases.

Urban integration to main roads and urban traces are developed to the inside of the site, in an effort to achieve a trace of growth to the inside landscape and building access. The location of the tower is achieved not only by its integration to the context, but by the distinction of its immense height and through the way in which the building through his central circulation core promotes its real estate value through a central circulation core. This is organised as a hierarchy that seeks the distinction of its units by its geometric expression.

RACO comments: “As subsequent analysis of the context a projected abstraction is reached in search of a geometry that embodies a projected growth in the provision of different types of units that increase the importance of housing value in relation to their height placement.”


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