Moreplatz's cultural café

The Bavarian National Forest is Germany's first National Park attracting
more than 700,000 visitors a year.To celebrate the park's 40th anniversary morePlatz were commissioned to refurbish and extend the visitors' centre in Neuschönau.

The renovation includes a permanent exhibition space, and a new ‘tree top walk'  with splendid views across the beautiful scenery of the Bavarian landscape.

The existing library and the kids ‘adventure room' were converted into a
media centre and cafeteria. The separating wall along the gallery was removed, and a new stair installed that combines the two levels and replaces the flight escape at the exterior. The adjacent office has been transformed into a kitchen and a new bar added.

The general spatial ambition is to achieve a warm, welcoming atmosphere and maximum light and openness in the rather introverted building. The
heavy wooden beams are painted white and contrasted with light brown walls and beige epoxy flooring. The stainless steel counter is balanced with dark brown cladding and furniture.

To compensate for the loss of the ‘kids adventure room' an extension is planned which will include a ‘wood workshop' where young visitors can paint, sculpt and create.

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