A tool KIT for young minds

Thursday 24 Feb 2011

Visionary kindergarten opens in Austria

A new children’s centre in Austria by AllesWirdGut entitled KI(ndergarten) T(ernitz) or ‘tool KIT’ has opened to high acclaim. Under the tagline KI(ndergarten) T(ernitz) gives kids the best equipment – a tool KIT that is fun, the centre operates as a modest, low rise building with a central inner courtyard.

The 30m x 40m building can be accessed from the courtyard via a gallery space which, due to its generous size, provides an added communal playing area for the children. All shared spaces are very flexible and easily adapted for the required function. AllesWirdGut explains: “The group rooms offer the right setting for any mood or whim: light or dark, high or low, steep or flat.”

Panoramic windows open the internal space to the garden and allow a large amount of natural light to enhance usability and blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor space. The building materials and colours have been kept as neutral as possible, with warm, earthy tones taking precedence.

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