Thumbs up for Staplewood Centre

Bruce Caldwell
Wednesday 16 Feb 2011

Southampton Football Club's new training facility awarded planning approval

The planning application for new training complex at Southampton Football Club’s Staplewood Training Ground is aimed at providing a state of the art training facility for the club as part of its sustainable future development.

The club is seeking to re-establish Premier League status within five years and as part of that programme needs to provide training facilities which are on par with other significant football clubs in both the FA Premier League and the N Power Championship. The facility proposed is the Football Development Centre; a building that the professional squad and the older academy players use on a day to day basis.

It therefore needs to provide not only adequate changing areas but state of the art medical and treatment facilities, amenities for players and staff such as kitchen and dining facilities and administrative accommodation for the club’s onsite staff, involving coaches, medical staff and management.

The design for the new building incorporates several environmental technologies and represents a contemporary but contextual approach. By using natural timber cladding the walls and roof of the new building, the contemporary architectural style and massing will sit more comfortably within this rural setting at the edge of the New Forest. Timber cladding wraps over every external surface of the building, including the roof, and is punctuated with large windows and deeply recessed balconies on the facades.

Where more privacy and shading is required within the building, the timber cladding extends across the windows as louvres and fretted panels. The timber is orientated vertically, contrasting with the horizontal massing of the building, the gently sloping rooflines, and the folding planes of the façade.

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