US budget cuts military expansion plans

Tuesday 15 Feb 2011

President Obama's budget cuts put pressure on various architectural projects nationwide

On Monday, President Barack Obama released his 2012 budget which aims to cut $1.1trillion from the US national deficit over the next ten years. The proposals have sparked controversy as multiple projects across America are now to be put on hold for indefinite periods of time.

Texas Military Facilities are among those affected, with the budget allocating $640m to the programme rather than the £1.1bn originally sought. A $161m ambulatory hospital and $33m hospital nutrition department in Lackland are still on track, as is a $10m vehicle maintenance facility in Fort Sam Houston. The budget also earmarks $1.2bn for the construction of medical facilities designed to aid military personnel returning from duty in Afghanistan or Iraq suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and brain injuries.

Residents and authorities in Kansas City have also made their voices heard as the $22m that was previously assigned to the development of a new federal building has been withdrawn, putting plans on hold. A General Services Administration spokesman reinforced: “The new federal building in Kansas City remains a priority.”

The budget proposals have been hit by criticism from many Republicans who have argued that it does not make the acute cuts necessary to affect the US deficit.


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