New airport for London?

18 Jan 2011

Boris Johnson gives weight to argument for new hub airport in England's capital

A new report compiled by the Deputy Chairman of Transport for London, Daniel Moylan on behalf of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson was released today, stating the need for the UK to construct a new hub airport in the near future.

Statistics prove that the UK’s busiest airport – Heathrow – is currently handling up to 75,000 more passengers each day than it was designed for and in terms of destinations served by worldwide international airports, Heathrow has fallen from second in 1990 to seventh in 2010.

Today the Mayor addressed a seminar at London City Hall attended by key figures in the services sector, during which he highlighted how vital a new hub airport could be for the UK’s future prosperity and growth. Welcoming the government’s new aviation policy, Boris Johnson explained that additional airport capacity is needed to support new air links to the growing economies of China, India and South America.

He said: “For London to retain its position as the heartbeat of global business we need aviation links that will allow us to compete with our rivals. The capital’s airports are full, our runways are rammed and we risk losing jobs to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid or other European cities should we fail to act.

“No other city even approaches the volume of passengers handled at London’s airports but we need to start planning for a brand new airport that can help meet the ever increasing demand for aviation and act as a hub, particularly to the rest of the UK.”

A further report on the topic will be published later this year.

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